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High Cholesterol Treatment
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Japanese supplements for lowering cholesterol - the efficacy that strikes!

Have you ever thought about what level of cholesterol you have in your blood? Unfortunately, the majority does not think about the importance of cholesterol. And those few who know that high cholesterol is bad, do not always understand how it can be lowered. If so, let's talk what is cholesterol and how to effectively protect yourself from the problems associated with its high level.

We want to warn you, you shouldn't buy all the supplements that lower cholesterol and take them all the time. Low levels of cholesterol can be dangerous too. Cholesterol is vitally necessary for the normal operation of the body. Without it, it is impossible to fully function for the nervous and immune systems. In addition, when cholesterol levels are below normal, there is a risk of serious illnesses such as anemia and liver disease.

But, despite the fact that cholesterol is needed for the body, its excess is also dangerous for health. The surplus of this substance is gradually accumulated in the vessels, sticks on the vessel's walls, thus provoking the formation of blood clots. In addition, narrowing of the vessels often leads to severe consequences:

  • infarction
  • stroke
  • Embolia Pulmonary artery
  • lethal outcome

Japanese medicine is of the opinion that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. So Japanese companies produce effective supplements that reduce high cholesterol. It is enough to choose a suitable remedy and regularly take it.

What are the Japanese cholesterol-lowering supplements you can buy today?

In our catalog you will find supplements designed to reduce cholesterol, released by leading Japanese brands. Each remedy has proven itself not only in Japan but around the world.

Plant Sterines DHC

This supplement not only lowers cholesterol but also has other beneficial properties. Plant sterols replace cholesterol and contribute to its excretion from the body. Thus sterols do not accumulate in vessels and do not form plaques. The product also contains other active substances that comprehensively improve health.

The cholesterol complex DHC Fukuigen

It is another remedy from DHC that will help you if you have a high cholesterol level, you will see results immediately and get a steady effect. The supplement has three active ingredients. Pantothenic acid helps to re-work low-density lipoproteins, this is the so-called "bad cholesterol". The unwashed fraction of soy oil works in the small intestine and provides the absorption of cholesterol by its walls. Vitamin E has a positive effect on vascular conditions and blood circulation.

Supplement for lowering the cholesterol level FANCL

This supplement is based on two plant components - sterols and isoflavone. Sterols are very much similar to cholesterol, but they are completely safe. Sterols are absorbed from the intestines much faster than cholesterol and replaces it. Soy isoflavones not only reduce cholesterol but also positively affect the state of the circulatory system, strengthen blood vessels, and improve metabolism.

If you want to buy supplements to reduce cholesterol just select the appropriate product in the catalog and place an order. You will get it straight from Japan and the quality won't disappoint you.