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Spices & Seasonings

Spices and condiments to buy - the best from Japan just for you

Japanese cuisine is unique in its kind. It is radically different not only from the usual European, but also from the Asian. When preparing food, the Japanese tend to maximally preserve the natural taste and appearance of the products used. Therefore, the dishes use only fresh ingredients that are subjected to minimal heat treatment.


Rice is one of the staple foods that form the basis of many Japanese cuisine dishes. Due to its neutral taste, it is perfectly combined with seafood, meat, and vegetables. And to add piquant bright notes and flavoring accents to each dish help Japanese spices . In seasonings, the Japanese categorically reject flavors, dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers - only natural spices, vegetables and other products that give the dishes an unrivaled taste and aroma.


Previously, wasabi and soy sauce were the only Japanese condiments that could be bought in supermarkets. Now you have the opportunity to order spices directly from Japan, and try to prepare exotic dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun in your own kitchen.


Japanese spices - an exquisite bouquet for your dishes

Choosing suitable Japanese seasonings , even a novice cook will be able to prepare a traditional dish of Japan. The recipe is simple - boil rice and mix it with spices. Stunning gastronomic experiences are guaranteed!

  • Seafood is an important place in Japanese cuisine. And because the seasonings with different seafood are very popular. Spices with salmon and seaweed give the ready-made dish an appetizing smell and an unusual bright taste. Gourmets will like the seasoning with cod caviar, which will become a spicy highlight, even in the usual recipe.

  • If you do not like seafood, try Japanese spices with a more traditional flavor. The seasoning with vegetables, Japanese plum or sesame and chicken will become a colorful addition to your dish.


  • Do you like pilaf? Try to cook it according to the Japanese recipe. Chahan is prepared with a wide variety of ingredients: meat, seafood, fish, omelets and so on. We offer you spices for chahana with roast pork and crab meat - choose the ones that you like.


  • Do you want something exclusive? Use as a seasoning food gold leaf. With such an additive, any dish will look luxurious. In addition, gold has a positive effect on the digestive system. Thanks to him, the dish will not only be beautiful and tasty, but also useful.

Order the best natural Japanese condiments , embody culinary fantasies and appreciate new gustatory sensations.