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Body Care

The best men's cosmetics for the body - we know what you need

If you think that men's skin does not need care, then you are deeply mistaken. After all, men are also affected by the environment. And unlike women are not so picky in their daily diet. And of course, all this will affect skin appearance.

A man, as well as a woman, also seeks to maintain external beauty as long as possible. And various beauty products for body care can help to maintain good skin condition. 

Mint Green Proherb EM shower gel based on herbs and propolis can become a true helper in maintaining healthy skin. The main components of this product: propolis and herbs. The product creates excellent foam. It includes:

  • Damask Rose Oil
  • Orange oil
  • Persimmon tannin
  • Tea leaf extract

All this together allows creating a product that not only cleanses the skin but also gently moisturizes it, providing gentle and delicate care. The pleasant scent is also will be pleasant for any man. You can forget about skin dryness after a couple of days!

No less interesting is the shower gel "Bloom Spa Body Shampoo J + L POLA". It will help:

    1. improve your mood
    2. relieve stress
    3. calm the nerves
    4. refresh the body
    5. tone and hydrate

In our online store, you can find products that will help to smooth the skin, narrow pores, eliminate the unpleasant smell, kill bacteria. Japanese body care for men will leave an exceptionally positive impression!