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Look Flawless Whenever and Wherever You Go With Japanese Mascara

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It’s not a secret that mascara became a must-have for any woman a long time ago. And it’s not surprising. Just buy mascara once, and it will enhance the beauty of your eyes in a blink.

How Was the First Mascara Created?

kleopatraYou probably remember how Kleopatra appears in movies and at paintings — hair that looks like coal and equally dark eyes. Eye makeup was an essential part of her look.

The first mascara was created by ancient Egyptians. In their culture, body painting, what actually makeup is, was a sacred tradition. At those times, people didn’t think about where to buy mascara at a reliable price though they just made it from gems and applied it not only on eyes but also on lips.

Their way of applying eye makeup is really interesting for modern people. All cosmetics were created from usual ingredients, and the only component they had to buy was honey. Here are what their eye cosmetics were made from:

  • honey
  • sage
  • water
  • crocodile poops

In those days, people believed that the thicker layer of cosmetics they applied, the better it would protect eyes from dust and harmful bacteria.

The First Non-Toxic Mascara

Starting from the Fall of Rome and ending with the Renaissance, buying mascara and wearing makeup was a privilege of the rich. Prices were so high that regular people couldn’t even dream about this. Thanks to Queen Victoria, even the middle class could afford makeup and basic skincare.

As you know, till the 19th century, makeup products weren’t safe. Buying makeup in those days was the same as getting a bottle of poison. But let’s be honest, poison had already been added to any product you could purchase.

The first non-toxic mascara was designed by Eugene Rimmel. His brand is still available in some shops, though it is not so popular as before.

What Products Do We Offer

blue mascaraEven though Japan wasn’t the first country where mascara was created, the quality of Japanese mascara is one of the highest. Japanese mascara is usually considered to be a first-class makeup product, though on our website you can buy it at a reliable price.

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